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Ugh! Gaining!

I gained 1.7 pounds since yesterday.  That’s four gains in a row and brings my total weight loss to only 2.6 pounds.  I try to tell myself that 1) it’s close to my period, and 2) I haven’t been sleeping properly.  Neither help how frightening and frustrating this is.

I made quiche last night, and the results are two pretty good quiches and a huge mess in the kitchen.  I was going to clean it tonight, but instead I’m coming home and going to bed.  Sleeping pill or glass of wine (but not both!) or whatever it takes, but I’m going to be in bed by 8 pm.


Week 1 (plus 1 day — I’m behind)

I should have written this yesterday, but of course I procrastinated.

I have an issue about scales.  I know people who only weigh once a week, or once a month.  I have to weigh every day.  Standing on the scale and seeing my numbers is proof to me that I’m on a diet.  Skip the scale and I’m not dieting, so that ice cream sundae isn’t off-limits.  So every day I weigh, but the number that matters is the one Monday morning, after a week.

So, yesterday I put it all in a spreadsheet.  I even did it in Google Documents, in case I want to link.  And the results are that I’m down 4.4 pounds.  Or, rather, I’m -4.4, which is very important to me.  I redid the formulas so it looks like a negative number.

I worked late last night, then came home and cooked the roast.  It took forever, and is still rarer then I’d like.  But it’s my first attempt at cooking huge chunks of meat, and I think I did rather well.  I’d prefer to marinate in wine, but I didn’t have any red wine, and you can’t buy it in the morning, which is when I went shopping.

I ate more than I intended, carving bits off the edges that were done.  Still, there’s two tubs of chunks, which should give me three or four meals.  I wish my low-carb ketchup had arrived.  There’s none at the Jewel.

For breakfast yesterday I had roast beef spread with horseradish-cream and wrapped around a stick of asparagus.  Very messy.  I really need to practice once-a-month cooking.  I should have a quiche in the fridge for breakfasts and more frozen.  I’m going to go into work early, come home early, not get the manicure I so desperately need, and cook tonight.

I’m delaying getting on the scale, because I feel like I need to defecate, and I’d rather do it after.

I bought blueberries at the store.  Instead of chowing down on all of them, last night I poured some into a dish and ate them.

I also invented a salad, when I discovered I hadn’t brought home the spinach I know I bought.  It was broccoli, tomatoes, and cucumber in Italian dressing.  Very yummy.


It’s a new day in my “la vida low-carb.”

OK, so here’s the deal.  On 20 June 2010, I had dinner with my mother and sister.  My sister gave me a book that explains an eating program she’s been on: Dana Carpender’s How I Gave up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds…and How You Can Too.”  She’s been doing it, and has lost 10 pounds, and her boyfriend has lost 30.

I’m 300+ pounds.  I have been for ages.  For over 15 years, I’ve been dieting low-fat.   (Susan Powter is one of my mentors, which gives you an idea about how long this has been going on.)  The program works when I work it.  I once lost over 50 pounds, and kept it off for several months.  Of course, that didn’t last.  In fact, as recently as April I started a low-fat eating plan.  I lost ten pounds in three weeks and gained it all back in the two days before my period.  I’ve done that four times in the last six months.  But I digress.

My first thought, on receiving this book, was, “I would never eat low-carb.  It’s soooo bad for you.”  Except I had one of those flashes of insight.  And my second thought was, “Is there anything short of strychnine that you could put in your mouth right now that would be less healthy than being this weight?”  And my answer, barring industrial chemicals, was, “No.”

So on Monday the 21st, I started eating low-carb.  This was very difficult.  My kitchen doesn’t have the sort of stuff you need to eat low-carb.  I had boxed pasta (low-fat when made with skim milk and butter sub), fruit, fat-free cottage cheese, liquid egg white, dried fruit, dried cereal, and can after can of soup with pasta or rice.  I did have chicken breasts (boneless and skinless) and some lean steak in the freezer for before my next blood donation.  What the heck was I supposed to eat.

I probably should have gone to the store.  I didn’t.

So here I am, a week later.  I’ve eaten a lot of chicken breasts.  I haven’t ordered in all week.  And I’m down a few pounds.  I’m learning what I can eat and what I can’t.  (Contrary to Ms. Carpender’s advice, sunflower seeds in the shell are a lousy snack.  I can’t eat them quickly enough to assuage my hunger, so I end up picking for hours.  Cashews may have more fiber, but I ate a pinch and was done.)

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