Week 1 (plus 1 day — I’m behind)

I should have written this yesterday, but of course I procrastinated.

I have an issue about scales.  I know people who only weigh once a week, or once a month.  I have to weigh every day.  Standing on the scale and seeing my numbers is proof to me that I’m on a diet.  Skip the scale and I’m not dieting, so that ice cream sundae isn’t off-limits.  So every day I weigh, but the number that matters is the one Monday morning, after a week.

So, yesterday I put it all in a spreadsheet.  I even did it in Google Documents, in case I want to link.  And the results are that I’m down 4.4 pounds.  Or, rather, I’m -4.4, which is very important to me.  I redid the formulas so it looks like a negative number.

I worked late last night, then came home and cooked the roast.  It took forever, and is still rarer then I’d like.  But it’s my first attempt at cooking huge chunks of meat, and I think I did rather well.  I’d prefer to marinate in wine, but I didn’t have any red wine, and you can’t buy it in the morning, which is when I went shopping.

I ate more than I intended, carving bits off the edges that were done.  Still, there’s two tubs of chunks, which should give me three or four meals.  I wish my low-carb ketchup had arrived.  There’s none at the Jewel.

For breakfast yesterday I had roast beef spread with horseradish-cream and wrapped around a stick of asparagus.  Very messy.  I really need to practice once-a-month cooking.  I should have a quiche in the fridge for breakfasts and more frozen.  I’m going to go into work early, come home early, not get the manicure I so desperately need, and cook tonight.

I’m delaying getting on the scale, because I feel like I need to defecate, and I’d rather do it after.

I bought blueberries at the store.  Instead of chowing down on all of them, last night I poured some into a dish and ate them.

I also invented a salad, when I discovered I hadn’t brought home the spinach I know I bought.  It was broccoli, tomatoes, and cucumber in Italian dressing.  Very yummy.


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