And back up

They tell you not to weigh yourself because any gain is frustrating.  I walked over to Michigan Avenue to catch the bus yesterday.   Not much, barely half a mile, but a lot more than I’ve done in quite a while, and I felt strong and capable.  And today I’m up .7 pounds.  It seems so unfair to do something good and have it not show up immediately on the scale.

And I walked to the Dearborn bus stop after work.  Again, feeling strong.  Maybe I’ll start getting off the bus at Lake in the morning and walking to Michigan, instead of getting off at Washington and taking the 157 back.  I did that when I moved here.  Save the second bus for when it’s too hot or cold to handle the walk.  That’s the hard one, because you have to decide to do it from your comfortable seat.  Walking to Michigan is one decision.  Once you start, you’re committed, because nothing else works: go forward or you have to go back.  The decision to get off at Lake you can change right up until the moment you step off the bus.


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