Another Loss

Apparently, sitting around doing nothing is good for weight loss.  Today marks three weeks since I started this diet, and once again, Sunday’s weight loss was huge!  5.4 pounds down this morning, and this after a week of ups and downs including being up 4.7 pounds on Tuesday.  I honestly thought I was going to be higher today than last week, which would have been very disappointing.  (I’m down only 9/10 of a pound, but down is down.)

What’s more amazing is that I’m once again flirting with 350.  I so want to be below it.  350 was the magic number.  I always said if I got to 350, I would see a doctor about a surgical solution.  And then, when I got there, I just…didn’t.  I actually got up to 365 at one point, and still didn’t.  I’m too afraid of the life-long effects of the surgery.  I just didn’t want to do that.  Well, maybe I won’t have to.

Once I get below 350, I’ll start aiming for 335, which is where I was when I started TOPS years ago.  And then I’ll shoot for 300.  Somewhere around 300, I start being able to fit in one airline seat.  That will be a huge accomplishment.

Long term, I think my goal is 200, which I might be able to make by 2012.  Maybe when I get to 200 I’ll want to go lower.  In fact I probably will.  But right now, if someone told me I had to live the rest of my life overweight, but I would be 150 pounds lighter than I am now, I would be satisfied.


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