Weighing myself every day is the only way to keep myself focused on weight loss.  But it also means that I see every up and every down.  Like today, when I’m up almost three pounds and only two-tenths of a pound less than I was on Sunday (and up 5.2 from Monday).

I have a suspicion it’s the peanuts.  I eat a lot of them, far too many really, on the weekdays and almost none on the weekends.  Which might explain why I drop weight so much better on the weekends.  It may also help to take them home and only have a small baggy with me at work.  Keeping them at work means is is too easy to go back and get “just a bit more.”

Why do the only nuts I like–peanuts, cashews, and walnuts–have to be the ones with lots of carbs?  Or is that why I like them?

I think I will take ham and cheese roll-ups for a snack today and put the peanuts away.

I did some calculations, and even with a 20% decrease in my rate of weight loss, I could be 350 by Friday (less likely now with a gain, but we’ll see), 300 by mid-October, and 250 by January.  I need to do some 20% projects, which will be longer, but right now, that is amazing to me.  I want to know what I will be on my birthday next year.

I also want to know what happens when I feel more comfortable exercising.  Right now, with the stupid bike they have here, my thighs slam into my gut.  I need to fix up my bike and start riding, and at 300, maybe even 325, I probably could.

My white underwear feels looser.


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