Another day…

I’m going to try to post daily so that I get back in the habit.  I had so many profound insights when I started this blog.  Let’s see what I can learn.

Tomorrow is Passover.  I texted Laura and told her I was back to low-carbing.  I probably couldn’t eat much more than the main course, and could she boil a couple extra eggs for me.  Of course she could.  

I treated myself to dinner out at IHOP.  I ordered a chicken sandwich that came with cheese, bacon, onions, peppers, and ranch dressing, on a bun.  Ordered it without the bun and added a salad, no croutons, instead of fries.  It was very filling, although I’m starting to get a bit hungry.  I think I’ll grab a chunk or two of corned beef before bed.

I rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes again today.  I was reading and it felt like I could go more, but I wanted to stop at 20.  Reading is better than the podcast for holding my attention.  With the podcast, I have to count down until the end (counting backwards from 360, with a two-second count).  I must remember this.  I’m going to hold at 20 minute for another few days before going to 25.  My goal is an hour, but that’s going to require getting up earlier.  My goal is to be able to ride my bike to work.  



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