Wrong direction

Well, I don’t know if it was too many Wasabi almonds or driving instead of walking or that small bit of carbs, but I gained.  Less than a pound, but I was up this morning.

I rode the exercycle for 20 minutes, and had it set on level 4 for most of the first 15.  It’s weird how good it feels to dial it back to 3.  

I looked it up, and it’s a 41 minute ride to work.  That’s my goal.  I figure when I can do an hour at home I can make the ride to work.  Of course the first time I try it will be a weekend.  I’m not stupid.  The odd part is that because the land just south of the river is raised, it’s hard to get to the building.  The lake shore route is weird, crossing the river along the bus route and then making some weird turn, and then following the Riverwalk to Wabash.  But when I drove yesterday, there was a sign that said bikes could enter on the lower level.  I wonder if they mean motorcycles, or are bikes included.  If they are, I need to figure out how to get there.  I’m not keen on going down one of those ramps, even if they do take a whole block to change levels.  I’m not sure I could stop at the bottom.  Maybe I should try going for a drive there on Sunday.


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