Still Going

I haven’t posted in over a month. I ran into a bit of an issue after I recovered from my head cold. I didn’t eat or drink much for a few days and lost tons of weight. Of course I put it back on as soon as I started eating again, and it was very depressing to have to fight it back off.

I don’t like not posting here. It feels like not weighing. It feels like the beginning of falling off track. Keep posting. Don’t eat your feelings away.

So, here is what happened in a month

  • I attended my sister’s birthday party in South Bend. I asked about a special meal and got it. (It was repulsive, but that wasn’t her fault. Ugh, but I hate mushrooms.)
  • I attended my sister’s birthday dinner with my mother. I stuck to my diet.
  • I discovered that both Daz and Linda have stopped having candy dishes. Well, Linda has a little bit now. I guess I was one of the few people putting money in it.
  • I took mom and Stanley out to dinner and stuck to my diet.

At those dinners I did things like dip my fork in chocolate sauce and eat a miniscule french fry. I decided to do it, did it, and stopped.

Today is the 50th day of my diet. Two days ago I hit a milestone, and I hit another one today. On Tuesday, I was down 15 pounds. Today I’m down 16.2, which means I’ve hit 350.

Let me repeat. I’ve hit 350.

I’m walking easier. I’ve walked four times from the Clarendon bus stop home when the buses were being awful. I walked once from home to Broadway. My ankles move now. Before they felt locked in, and I had to concentrate not to waddle like a fat chick. My knees move easier. (Mostly. Today my legs hurt.)

I’ve also given up Diet Pepsi. I drink Crystal Light now, and sometimes iced tea when I go out. I sleep better, I think, without the caffeine, and feel more alert even when I don’t sleep well.

According to projections, I will reach 325 by 31 July. I want it to be 11 days earlier, on my birthday or before that. For one thing, I’m having an eclair on my birthday. Either that or frozen yogurt from the build-your-own-yogurt place that opened on Division.




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