A Word About Brunches

I used to go out to fancy brunches for Mother’s Day and such, and after various people, especially my mother, would say that they had eaten so much they wouldn’t be hungry for the rest of the day. I always thought it was kind of sick that they would eat so much that they wouldn’t be able to eat a normal dinner. I would always want dinner. Perhaps six hours later instead of the usual four, but I was always interested in dinner.

Of course I had eaten several bagels (a plain one with cream cheese and lox and something sweet like a chocolate or cinnamon raisin bagel with just cream cheese), and several desserts, maybe a Belgian waffle or two with strawberries in syrup and whipped cream, breakfast potatoes, and usually my prime rib as a sandwich on some type of roll. It was carb heaven. No wonder I was hungry so quickly.

At this year’s buffet I ate lox and cream cheese (no bagel), shrimp, tomato and mozzarella salad, bacon, salmon, prime rib, an omelet, and berries and cantaloupe. I had intended to treat myself to something, and when I saw the mini eclairs, I picked that. One bite told me it had been frozen, and the dough was mushy. I left half of it. (I plan to have a real one for my birthday.)

We met at 2:00. We were done eating by 4:00. And I went home and didn’t eat. I was a bit hungrier than usual the next morning, but not horribly so.


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