Today is awful.  I’m exhausted.  I hurt.  I feel like I can’t breathe.  

Last night I was famished.  I cooked my turkey legs, then ate a salad of spinach and ceviche while I was waiting for it to cook.  And nuts.  Coconut almonds that I picked up at the CVS on the way home.  Where I also picked up a package of beef jerky and ate the whole thing.  I didn’t go off my diet, but I ate like a pig.

Today I had eaten my lunch (another turkey leg) and both of my snack bags of almonds and my cheese before 10 am.  

I should feel good about this.  Both last night’s hunger and today’s exhaustion are signs that my body is almost through my liver’s store of glycogen. My body is gasping for easier ways to get glucose, but can’t find it, and is fighting ketosis.  But this doesn’t make how I feel any easier.

I am at 363 this morning, or down 11.2 pounds.  I know it’s water, but that does feel good.



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