And finally ketosis

Thursday was a bitch. Tired and achy and hungry all the time. I went home and lay down for a nap. And woke up three hours later.

Friday I finally entered ketosis. I was upbeat and energetic and full of energy. I’m also down almost 15 pounds. Yes, it’s water weight, but my ankles aren’t swollen at the end of the day as they were before.

I rode 15 minutes on the bike. It’s so boring. I need to put something there that I can watch. I also drank 3 L of lemonade at work. And didn’t touch the Mrs. Fields cookies someone brought in, or the peanut butter cups that showed up in the candy bowl.

And then I came home and ate like a pig. I was really hungry, and ate two chicken breast pieces. And also made Brussels sprouts, and ate the whole pan. Note to self: never make more than two portions of a veggie that doesn’t reheat well.

I’m not down any today, which doesn’t really bug me, because I’m down 14.4 pounds in four days.

One thing that’s a little gross. I know I was a bit dehydrated. I don’t think I made lemonade all last week I know the behavior of my colon is tied to water consumption. But Thursday I bought some sugar free York patties and had a horrible reaction. And yet Friday I passed four fully formed stool. I took a fiber tablet the first day, but have just been doing salads every day and veggie-heavy meals. I must have had horrible constipation and not eve realized it.

Gotta get cleaning.


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