One Week, -16, 358.2

I’ve lost 16 pounds.

I’m up a bit from my lowest, -18, but I ate a huge amount of vegetables yesterday. I need to keep that in check. I was snacking as I was making my salads for the week, which wouldn’t normally be a problem, except that I had a salad for lunch. Actually lunch was really big generally, probably too big.

But I rode the exercycle for 20 minutes yesterday, AND I walked home from Broadway, so you’d think that would count for something. Not so much, I guess.

It’s not exercise; it’s diet.
It’s not exercise; it’s diet.
It’s not exercise; it’s diet.
Repeat it until you believe it. Exercise makes you stronger, makes you tighter, makes you more flexible. It increases your levels of glucagon. But 20 minutes on an exercycle burns only about 100 calories, even taking your current weight into account. That’s 15 almonds. That’s 1.5 eggs. That’s nothing. It’s what you eat, so stick with the program.

My spreadsheet is giving me really amusing predictions. I will be 350 by Friday, 325 by the 19th, and 300 by 5/3. It will take several weeks before the first flush is balanced by regular weightloss. I might adjust things next week so that the first week isn’t accounted for. Meanwhile I can look forward to being -100 pounds by the end of the year.

I started taking the medication yesterday. I was really anxious about it. I remember being terrified of starting Prozac, too. It doesn’t seem to be having a negative effect. We’ll see if it has a positive one.



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