Up Again Today

I was up half a pound today.  I want to say I hate it, but the truth is I feel resigned to it.  Didn’t I know this was coming?  I’d lose weight down to where I plateaued last time and then get stuck.  I might be premenstrual.  I really hope I am so this will be over in a week or so.  But I just can’t help but think I’m going to be fat forever.  What is the point of expensive diet foods and stress when I could be eating Goldfish crackers and chocolate covered pretzels?

I’m probably going to have to get back on the exercycle.  I loathe the idea.

New idea: get up when your alarm goes off and if your weight is the same or higher, get on the bike for ten minutes.  If your weight is down, you can skip it.  That’s probably a bad idea; it feels like I’m punishing myself for gaining when I haven’t done anything wrong.  But it’s all I can come with.


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