I Should Probably Update This

On again, off again.  Maybe it’s time to start posting again.

I started my diet (again) on September 1st.  When I started, I was at 352.  I have been going up and down (and up and down) and now am 346.  In six weeks I’ve lost six pounds.  I’m not thrilled.

But three days ago, on October 14th, I joined the gym at work.  I’ve gone three days.  I’m upping my exercise every day.  I go home sore and tired, so sore and tired that yesterday I chose to go home instead of getting sushi. (Today I took aspirin after my work out to hopefully ameliorate the pain.)  I sleep better, too.

Tomorrow is the weekend, so I’m going to see about trying out the pool at the local Chicago Park District facility.

We’ll see how long this lasts.


October 14th 15 minutes treadmill 15 lbs 3×20 curls, 3×15 verts
October 15th 20 minutes bike 10 lbs 3×20 curls, 3×15 verts
October 16th 25 minutes bike 3×15 front delt machine


I picked up a trainer’s card today. I might get someone to show me the machines and how to use the free weights. I also called the office of the building about getting a locker. For about $360 you can get a locker for a year and they will come take your clothes and clean them, so I could have a towel and washcloth and not have to carry my clothes around every day. Sounds like a win-win.


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