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Here we go again


365.  Down four pounds since Friday.


Back on Track

Tomorrow marks two weeks. Today I’m down 17.6 lb.

I really feel like the medicine is helping. This weekend, besides getting all my chores done, I finished processing the photographs I got from mom. I also worked on a yarn project, and crocheted six preemie hats while watching movies on television. I sat outside for a bit. I folded laundry in the living room. I ate breakfast in the living room. I feel different.

This week I want to move the books out of Lucy’s window. It’s starting to get warmer here. I also want to get the side of my room cleaned up, so that I could put in bookshelves. I’ve also been thinking lately of moving that crap out of the corner of the bathroom and putting the latch up.

I find myself a little nervous about this, because I keep expecting to feel the energy backing off. Maybe with the drugs it will stay.



Up Again

So much for, “Prepare for a drop.” I’m up again, 1.6 pounds from yesterday, 3.4 from my lowest. I’m also exhausted. I could barely move this morning, and skipped the exercycle in favor of getting the low-carb chili in the refrigerator. I really need to fully pack my lunch in the evening. And I need to ride the bike tonight.

I don’t know if this weight gain is related to the medication or my period, and I guess I won’t find out for a few days. But jeeze, this is depressing. This hasn’t happened any of the other times I started this diet. It needs to change.



A Possible Explanation

My weight was up yesterday and today, a total of a two pound gain. I was upset, because I’ve been exercising more.

I started my period today. Prepare for a drop.


One Week, -16, 358.2

I’ve lost 16 pounds.

I’m up a bit from my lowest, -18, but I ate a huge amount of vegetables yesterday. I need to keep that in check. I was snacking as I was making my salads for the week, which wouldn’t normally be a problem, except that I had a salad for lunch. Actually lunch was really big generally, probably too big.

But I rode the exercycle for 20 minutes yesterday, AND I walked home from Broadway, so you’d think that would count for something. Not so much, I guess.

It’s not exercise; it’s diet.
It’s not exercise; it’s diet.
It’s not exercise; it’s diet.
Repeat it until you believe it. Exercise makes you stronger, makes you tighter, makes you more flexible. It increases your levels of glucagon. But 20 minutes on an exercycle burns only about 100 calories, even taking your current weight into account. That’s 15 almonds. That’s 1.5 eggs. That’s nothing. It’s what you eat, so stick with the program.

My spreadsheet is giving me really amusing predictions. I will be 350 by Friday, 325 by the 19th, and 300 by 5/3. It will take several weeks before the first flush is balanced by regular weightloss. I might adjust things next week so that the first week isn’t accounted for. Meanwhile I can look forward to being -100 pounds by the end of the year.

I started taking the medication yesterday. I was really anxious about it. I remember being terrified of starting Prozac, too. It doesn’t seem to be having a negative effect. We’ll see if it has a positive one.



Here’s a first

I’m sitting in Starbucks waiting for 10:30, when I see this new psychiatrist. I’m scared out of my wits. I’ve practiced saying what I want and need to say. I am kicking myself a bit because I wanted to make a list, but I didn’t. A list would have looked OC, though, wouldn’t it?

I sort of feel like I don’t need it, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? I don’t see the depressive phases, so I need to ask for help during the normal or manic phase.

My weight was up a bit, which pisses me off. I skipped breakfast yesterday because I thought mom was taking us to the brunch buffet, but we had lunch at the Grill instead. I also rode 20 minutes on the bike. But I didn’t drink enough water. I must fix that today.

Gotta go!

Awake, alive, alert, aware!



And finally ketosis

Thursday was a bitch. Tired and achy and hungry all the time. I went home and lay down for a nap. And woke up three hours later.

Friday I finally entered ketosis. I was upbeat and energetic and full of energy. I’m also down almost 15 pounds. Yes, it’s water weight, but my ankles aren’t swollen at the end of the day as they were before.

I rode 15 minutes on the bike. It’s so boring. I need to put something there that I can watch. I also drank 3 L of lemonade at work. And didn’t touch the Mrs. Fields cookies someone brought in, or the peanut butter cups that showed up in the candy bowl.

And then I came home and ate like a pig. I was really hungry, and ate two chicken breast pieces. And also made Brussels sprouts, and ate the whole pan. Note to self: never make more than two portions of a veggie that doesn’t reheat well.

I’m not down any today, which doesn’t really bug me, because I’m down 14.4 pounds in four days.

One thing that’s a little gross. I know I was a bit dehydrated. I don’t think I made lemonade all last week I know the behavior of my colon is tied to water consumption. But Thursday I bought some sugar free York patties and had a horrible reaction. And yet Friday I passed four fully formed stool. I took a fiber tablet the first day, but have just been doing salads every day and veggie-heavy meals. I must have had horrible constipation and not eve realized it.

Gotta get cleaning.

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